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Viareggio , Lucca
filippo maffei
Filippo Maffei is an Italian photographer, born in the heart and raised on the coast of Tuscany. Constantly traveling, he makes the world his photo set. As a young man he trained the eye documenting his context, theskate and the road, the surf and the oceans. Immediately his style becomes unmistakable. His work is so immediate, fine and defined as deep andfull of meaning. Powerful in the Commercial as in Reportage, his photography is a need to narrate the balance.

My Leica cameras


Maribel x Oxbow - Biarritz, France

Sophia x HTC - Biarritz, France

Bianca x Mimi a la Mer - Zanzibar

The Lip - La Jolla, San Diego

Sundek SS 17 ADV - Miami

Refraction - Baja Sur

Desert lines - Emirates

Leo Fioravanti

F. Porcella x Intimissimi Uomo

F. Porcella x Intimissimi Uomo

Mick Rodgers - So. Cal.

Mick Rodgers - So. Cal.

Apuan Alps x Rucksack Magazine

Mercedes Benz X class ADV

Ollie North on the marble blocks

Inside the marble cave

Mercede Benz X class ADV Iceland

Marian Hund x Mercedes Benz

Sundek SS 18 ADV

Sundek SS19 ADV


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